Package design
Early 2020

Milk packages that people
can understand fat differences
without reading the words
on the packages.

We always use color and words
to distinguish differences.
h-o-1 h-o-2 h-o-3

In this example, Horizon brand use color and texts to show different types of milk. However, customers cannot find out the differences before they read the texts on the packages carefully.

People need to be “trained” to understand color, like green means passing and red means stop.

Reading is not efficient. The understanding process based on reading is: Watch — Read — Understand.

So, how about
use patterns but
not words?

I tried to design a series of packages which can let customers understand differences without reading.

I was inspired by patterns on cows’ bodies and did some sketches.

cow-wiki cow-sketch
Cow’s fat is white.
So, milk contains more
fat has more white space
shown on the packages.
p1 p2 p3 p4
Words shown on the
packages were also
designed under the
same rule.
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